MGM Supports sySTEM Now!

October 31, 2019

MGM Executive Director, LaNelle Ramey, moderates conversation around mentoring with a STEM Focus.

What is “sySTEMnow”?

sySTEM is an acronym for Strengthening our Youth in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Now! means now! sySTEMnow is Metro Milwaukee’s premier STEM conference bringing together business leaders, community members, educators and government officials to share best practices and lessons learned.  The session description included hearing from a panel of organizations – both those providing mentors and those serving mentees –  as they share lessons learned on how to build and sustain STEM mentoring programs/relationships, as well as best practices in mentoring underrepresented youth in STEM.   

MGM was excited to participate and share the important factors around mentoring and expanding its needs in serving underrepresented youth.